Malaysia RFID: Check your label

Friendly reminder from the Malaysia Ministry of Communications and Multimedia MCMC that you aren't allowed to use any RFID device (or a few other devices for that matter) without a label. The MCMC frequently posts notices of fines and criminal charges on their twitter feed. So, let's follow their advice and get #checkyourlabel trending


Malaysia: New Class Assignments and 900MHz SRD

Malaysia MCMC (SIRIM) has announced new class assignments. There are some changes to 900MHz SRD. Frequency allocation and output power are as follows: 

916 to 919 MHz - 25mW EIRP with duty cycle < 1% or frequency hoping or LBT

919 to 923MHz - 500 mW EIRP

923 to 924 MHz - 500 mW EIRP with duty cycle < 1% or frequency hopping or LBT

Other noteworthy changes in the new class assignments include mandatory type approvals for wireless charging devices.